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Webinar: ‘How to Start Testing with Python'

Online event

Python is hot right now. Several major surveys reveal that Python is one of the most popular programming languages these days. And it’s no wonder why – Python is easy to learn, reads beautifully, and has packages for just about…

Webinar: ‘The Importance of QA in Healthcare's Digital Frontiers'

Online event

Description: This decade has seen a rapid advancement in the scope and quality of digital, consumer-facing applications in all facets of life - including healthcare. Although software is not most healthcare organizations’ core business, operating like a software company is…

Webinar: ‘The F Word: Giving Great Feedback'

Online event

After presenting my session “Eight Ways to Ruin Your 1-on-1s” at StarEast and SQuADCon in 2019, attendees told me one particular area of discussion needed more attention: feedback. This session will be the session everyone knows they should attend but…

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