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React Subscribe Context, or How to avoid prop drilling.

May 10, 2022 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm CDT

Learn about a consistent way of state management to avoid prop drilling, and is optimized for component rerenders.

Come and learn about Akia Vongdara’s journey in creating the open source NPM package react-subscribe-context. React Context is an amazing tool to help avoid prop drilling, but it comes with a price. Managing state solution and dealing with tricky re-renders is painful. Who wants to put in that extra work to memoize everything? Inspired by react-hook-form and their useWatch, Akia Vongdara wrote this package to help address the drawbacks of vanilla React Context.

Along the way, he learned about react-tracked. It did exactly what I was looking for, except that it wasn’t IE11 compatible, so Akia decided to create react-subscribe-context. Join us to learn more about the package he created and the journey to publishing package!Akia Vongdara is based in the Bay Area after growing up in Hawaii and upstate New York. He has worked as a Software Engineer at a variety of companies including WELL Health, Inc, where he currently works as a Frontend Engineer.




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